Dudú Aouate to become majority shareholder of RCD Mallorca after announcing his retirement

Israeli international goalkeeper, Dudú Aouate has announced his retirement from football after 15 years and has reached an agreement to purchase 53% of the shares of Mallorca from Serra Ferrer and Biel Cerdà, making Aouate the general manager and new majority shareholder of the club.

For several months, it was reported that Aouate would front the Roman Abramovich group that intended to purchase the majority shares of the club from the former owners.

Upon Aouate’s retirement on Friday, where he set the record for most appearances for Mallorca by a goalkeeper, reports began circulating that the Aouate was set to take over and would be formally presented as the new general manager on Monday 11th August.

At the beginning of June, El Mundo reported that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was in negotiations to take over the Balearic club by purchasing the majority shares from vice president Lorenzo Serra Ferrer and President Gabriel Cerda Alemany.

The report went on to add that upon reaching an agreement, Aouate would retire from competitive football and would become a representative to lead this ownership group with day to day operations.

While the details have yet to be finalised it is believed that vice president Serra Ferrer handed over his shares, which equal 45% for free, as his clause states that if the club is sold, he would recoup €2.5 million of his investment.